How To Write A Critical Précis – Know The Right Steps

Most of the academic assignments are lengthy papers. Students are also much familiar to write this type of paper. However, what would you do while your teacher has asked you to write a very short and concise content? We are talking about précis, and most of the students do not know how to write a critical précis.

Précis is a French term, meaning summary. Thus, to write a critical précis, you have to make a logical and precise summary of the given passage.

It is the compact version of any essay, article, or some other original paper, where the author has maintained a particular writing mood and tone.

Do not think that précis is a type of rewriting work. It has to reveal the major information, found in the original content of a document. It presents the most valuable information to the readers. While writing any précis, you will not get a chance of revealing your own reactions and views.

In the best précis, you can find various qualities

  • Clarity

    The content of your précis has to be easily comprehensible to the reader. Thus, you have to avoid using any intricate structure and language for this précis.

  • Correctness

    You must check out the punctuation, spelling, and grammar. It is also essential that you have used the right dates, facts, and figures for the précis.

  • Conciseness

    Do not add too much detail to your précis. However, you must not overlook the vital facts.

  • Coherence

    It is the logical or systematic connection of the thoughts of the original author. Keep up the interest of the audience.

Format of the précis

For the introduction, you have to include:

  • The name of the original or actual author
  • Full title
  • Text’s genre
  • Date of the publication date

In most cases, the genres are an essay, article, short poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and novel.

Now, we have presented you with some steps that help you to learn how to write a critical précis.

Research on the topic

You have to find out original content that you can analyze from a reliable source. The best sources include academic journals, books, newspapers, online sites, scholarly articles, and newspapers. Never choose the passage content, while you have not found its original version online. Your college professor will like to make a comparison with the original content and your précis.

Read the passage several times

This is one of the best tips on how to write a critical précis. You may think that the passage is clear to you. However, by re-reading it more than one time, you will find it easier to write the précis. You can reduce the number of words without much effort.

Compose an outline

You may feel confused while dealing with longer content. Thus, it is better to develop an outline for it. Then, you can divide the lengthy piece into smaller paragraphs. Start writing a very precise part for each of these paragraphs. Proofread and review the summary to present a better-quality précis to your teacher.

Concentrate on the format

You can write the précis in MLA, Turabian, Harvard, or IEE format. However, you have to follow the instructions and guidelines of your professors.

Never rewrite or use paraphrase

Paraphrasing or re-writing is not the right technique for writing the précis. You must not create a summary of the content. You have to write about the major argument by using unique and relevant words. You will surely get a high score in your précis writing paper.

One-fourth of the original content

While the original passage has 1000 words, you have to write the précis within 200 words. You need to convey the right message to the readers by writing this concise content.

Use of the right words

Rhetorically accurate verbs (interpret, assume, claim and deny) and transition words are highly essential for writing the précis. The transition words (then, moreover) help in connecting the paragraphs or sentences. Thus, you have to focus on all these words, while dealing with your précis.

Thus, we have guided you to write a high-quality précis. It takes time to learn the précis writing technique. However, you may follow our tips to develop the best content for your précis.