7 Secrets to Writing a Spectacular Essay

There is nothing easy in writing a great essay, let alone a spectacular one. It can be particularly difficult if you are new in the world of essay writing. The simple truth is that nobody prepares you for the scrutiny of essay writing. That’s why when it comes to their first essay assignment, many students opt for the services of a professional essay writing service, instead of tackling the task on their own.

What follows is a glimpse into the world of professional essay writers. An introduction to some of the secrets of their trades. In all honesty, they are not the best-kept secrets in the world. But if you don’t know any professional essay writer, stay with us for a while. You might find the following “secrets” quite useful for your next essay.

  1. Write the Body First, Second Comes the Introduction, and the Conclusion Last

    Writing a great introduction is always difficult. That’s because it needs to summarize the entire essay before even have it written. So instead, first write down the body that is the meat and bones of your essay. Once you are done with the body, it will be much easier to write a great introduction. The conclusion is the last part, the cherry on the cake that needs to equally appealing as the introduction.

  2. The What, the Why, and the How!

    If you talk to academics that have been through thousands of essay pages, they will tell you the following – Most essays give answers to “What”, decent essays deal with the “Why”, whereas the best ones look into the “How”!

    If you feel uninspired, stuck, or simply struggle to reach the minimum word count, focus on the “How”?

    For example, let’s say the essay is about the Rise of Napoleon after the French revolution. If you add the “How”, you can get a question such as “How did Napoleon stabilize France after the French revolution?”. That gives you a lot to write about.

  3. While Researching, Ask yourself: “What’s the most surprising thing about this topic?”

    The big temptation is always to write about what you think your professor or teacher will want to read.

    Don’t do that. Let your fellow students go down that road, not you.

    Instead, ask yourself, “What surprises me about this topic?”

    If you were thorough enough in your research, then you’ve probably come across that. Many great ideas and inventions came out of something unexpected, often even something funny. “Hmmm, that’s funny”, “Where did that come from”, “We almost quit, when a funny thing happened”, those are all words of scientists moments before a breakthrough. The legend says that even Isac Newton wouldn’t discover gravity if it wasn’t for that apple that has fallen upon him.

    Find that moment and make the most of it.

  4. Source Heavy

    This is about using plenty of sources in your essay. Most professors like it, while others favor a more balanced approach. This is a technique that allows you to focus more on the research and less on the writing process.

  5. Treat Your Essay as a Story

    Almost all stories are based on conflict and change. Same as them, essays too are about conflict and change. What makes essays different is that instead of conflicts and change between characters, they are about different ideas. That approach will make the writing more fun and the essay will be way more interesting to read.

  6. Phrases and Words That Should be Avoided

    First of all, don’t overuse “You”. It might be great for blog posts. However, when it comes to essays, use it as little as possible. The list of other words and phrases that should be avoided include: ”That”, “Cliches”, “Some”, “Things”, and to be verbs.

  7. Proofread & Edit

    This is the mantra that is followed maniacally by every successful writing service. No matter how good you think you are, you should never submit an essay before proofreading and editing it. Nothing puts down a scholar or an academic like grammar, syntax, or spelling mistakes. Even if it is just one, ridiculous mistake that can happen to anyone, your teacher or professor can think lesser of your essay.

Don’t let happen to your essay – proofread and edit before submitting it!

Now you’ve learned some of the trade secrets of the typical professional writers that work as a “hired gun” for some top-rated writing service. There is no reason why not use their “secrets” to make your essay stand out from the crowd.